He doesn’t know the difference between sunrise and sunset. But he walks around naked in his room with red walls. He’s Czech and lives in a small town in Hungary. He moved to this town and the one-room apartment two years ago, right after he turned 18. He has blue eyes and curly hair. He has a black cat named Coffee. The cat smells like coffee.

They met two years ago in “Victoria’s Secret”. She never asked him what he was doing there. But she did ask him to come up to the dressing room, and then to come in. She was three years older than him. He was the only person she had ever met whose name was Iris.

-- Life is a competition. Happiness is the victory,-- he once said.
“What? He is beautiful, why does he think,” she thought, “It makes him look completely absurd.” But that happened a whole year ago. Iris hadn’t said much since then. “And good for him,” she thought. She considered that a person should stay within the boundaries of his “nakedness, black cat, blue eyes, and red walls.” “That’s what makes him a character,” she thought.

-- That’s what makes you a character. Black Coffee without sugar, please.
-- I know a person who has so many things and ways on her mind and is such a good actress that she has completely lost herself, and all that is apart from the fact that she had never found herself in the first place.
-- How can you say so after I spent a whole one hour creating my new personality.
-- Maybe this is all because you’re from Prague... Maam, do you have white chocolate?
-- But you’re from Prague, too.

They were together for two years. Coffee became 23. The apartment looked much more comfortable. She bought a black sofa that looked like his cat. He bought white silk bed sheets that sounded like her hair.

She was lying in the bed, slightly covered. He was sitting in the black armchair. She was smoking a cigarette and blowing the smoke on Coffee.
-- We have a minute left...
-- Coffee is dying...
-- Take a picture...

He took a photo of her. She drank Coffee and left.