Known people in the pub

Known person coming on the right. Look ahead, look ahead. I see only the road ahead, only the water. Came from melted snow. Wonder how deep it is, try. Not as deep as I thought. Look ahead, known person already behind. Wonderful. All by myself my name is wonderful.

Another walk along this street. Music is good, my eyebrows are straight and sleeping little is also good. “Blood, runs through everything colors all my pain my vanes are running out of blood”, good song. Woman in the movie cut her vane along the arm, does not work that way, she said too. What round buildings.

Walk more. Along this street then turn to right, along the other ones, look up to see billboard, interesting looks real, walk more, the pub is on the right. The puppet on the left, the puppet on the right. Today a lot of people there. I will talk to everybody.

- How are you?

- Good.

- The band will start in an hour, right?

- Yes.

Gone, she went turned around so fast and went, did I seem very sharp? Probably I speak too fast. Watch it watch it. What did she think of me. Go sit myself on the empty spot between the tables. She again, didn’t know she was sitting here.

- So what do you do?

- I work at the opera.

- And what do you do there?

- I stand there... on the lights.

- That’s good... Would you be able to help me if I wanted to photograph something in front of the opera from above?

- I don’t know.

- You could introduce me to someone whom I can talk to about it.

- Yes.

- Do you know such a person?


Can you introduce him to me?


Oh my. Oh my. Along the road I walk into the good round building up and upwards give light, I am light. Yes introduce to good Petrosyan. Like I just want to introduce I am not using my position you know. Use, I use it only to give light. Good. Introduce to Petrosyan, she climbs on the marble looks out the window and sees all people equal size of opera square, not square, round, but square, freedom square. For us all free.

Yes this pub. Hello. Smile. They are young and create a shallow world around me. No. No more sick things to say like this, sick I am not sick. Fuck. Sick fuck I am not. Just a person like this, the kind that likes to be you know chilling like this in silence you know, I’ve got this wise silence about me, very intelligent. Laughs. Yes you are more intelligent than me.

Pass around here you all like vertical snakes, snakes like Nokia game snakes. Push the button harder, get this snake out of the room. A little more... almost... got it! I surely did. Now the snake in the front room. Drinking beer with, drinking beer with Elvis. Who the fuck is this Elvis. But I’m this careless silent wise man so don’t bother myself, no I don’t.

Lovely this music. When you like the sound of guitar are you liking the guitar or the guitar player? I like Jimi, and his girlfriend from that documentary. Sly. So sly that story when she goes for a visit to Miles then gets naked and lets him know that Jimi was cheating on her with Miles’ girlfriend. Miles not appalled at all offers some coffee to poor naked girl. Very nice thank you so much, and they have a sweet conversation after which she leaves. Miles so wise, the girl so sly, Jimi so talented, Miles’ girlfriend unknown but definitely pleased.

I have to expect her now. Life expectancy. She will come and far not for me. This is ok and you will never know my story.


Let this follow me today

Someone once told me that whatever you thought of when waking up in the morning would follow you for the rest of the day. Why anyway a modest mediocre self. I should be a best kind of person. Let this follow me today.

Sharply pushes off the blanket and sits up.

Glorious morning yes same all the same. I am the kind of person who likes changes. This morning the topic is me. Me my name is Haik Grigorian, ancient Gregorian following the traditions of the long lived Gregorian church. Saint Gregory there has been. The topic being me, school. Bad school. Rather bad.

- What do you want to eat?

- Can you fry some eggs?

Fry some eggs mother will you. Your son goes to work every morning. My school is not far from home. And the capital of Armenia is still Yerevan.

I go to work every morning.

Morning every work to go I.

Walks out of the room seeing his sister walk by and enter the kitchen next door.

Talks too much. You talk to much! Shush, silent wise man, shush.

Goes into the bathroom, sits down on the toilet and listens to his parents speaking in the kitchen.

- I think we shouldn’t only change the handles of the doors, we should change the doors too.

- Why the doors? We bought them several months ago.

- Yes, but look at them, the door of the toilet is transparent.

True. Always have to stay farther from the door not to be seen. Anyway silhouette can been seen. Silhouette, Alouette, little Alouette. Play the game with me.


Letter to the Minesweeper creators

Hello. My name is Haik. I am 23. I am single, and I love to play Minesweeper.

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the creators of the wondrous Windows Vista, as in this new and elaborate system Minesweeper has been developed to have two types (mines or flowers) and two colors (blue or green). I think this was a huge and a caring step, as by doing this the developers showed their particular care for anti-war activists and all people who are against wars or mines.

I, personally, set the game to the “flowers” option and choose the green color. This has highly increased the popularity of this game for me, and I in no way feel disturbed about sweeping flowers. If, by any chance, I do feel disturbed by this, I can easily switch to the “mines” option.

In addition to all this, I can now stretch my Minesweeper window to a bigger size, a much bigger one.

Thank you for everything. Thank you, Minesweeper.


Hill never dies

- Hello?

- Hello.

- Do you remember me? From the pub.

Oh no. Is this not too early? This is too early.

Strange she looks right now, there on the marble. Close she looks. Close. Far. Crowd looks strange too. Swarm intelligence. Good luck to you, you unsolicited material, you outspoken bastards.

- OK, this is enough.

- Are you done?

- Yes... I have this thing with me. You want some?

She had this thing with her.

It is now 8 am. Climbing the stairs of this building is going to take me until 10 pm. Yesterday it took me until 7 pm, and a year ago it took me two hours. Am I facing construction or destruction?

My name is Hill. I live on these stairs. I am not an insect, I am a real human.

As I said, it is 8 am. And I am in front of the first stair. It is awfully annoying to appear in front of the first stair every morning. The particles of this stair, its colorful stones are now irrelevant. I look at them as a newcomer would.

Then come the next stairs, to which I am more or less used, and will not complain.

Oh yes, very unfortunate. She, the one whom I have met, spoke to me four times, and glanced at me several times.

- So here I am, -she said,- I welcome you into my reality, you stairwalker, you ignorant.

- Hello, my dear and wonderful. Despite your emptiness and simplicity, I like you a lot. I can tell you anything.

- Do tell.

- First of all, I would like to say that I am giving all of myself to you. I give in to your simplicity.

I gave in. But I must tell you, she is changeable.

- So here I am,- she said,- look at me, all lively and Balkan. Look at me welcoming all passionate souls.

- Now I see, now I see. I will never leave you. Look at my expression next to you, all the clothes I can wear, all the directions I can fly to. Yes. Hill never fears.

She was better, she was true.

I live on my stairs and wake up in front of the first one each morning. It isn’t bad. Hill never dies. Hill never dies. Hill never dies. Hill never dies. Hill never dies. Hill never dies. Hill never dies. Hill never dies. Hill never.

Keep your eyes open. Keep your eyes open. I am my silent protagonist. My eyes are half-closed, my belly is sunken.

Now look at her and look at you. Very unfortunate.

I am the last and the least.


For the last and the least, of friends

Inside my head a lot of treasures, my head is spinning, I don’t feel like a real man. I wish I were a man.

Moments of depression are like simple pain, you just wish they weren’t there. If you don’t wish it, then you aren’t really depressed. Stop looking for poetic inspiration, friend.

Where do all these people come from, special and significant situation in our country, so many of you strange people here. Coming right at me, get away, get away!

Moments of weakness unveil mysteries of brotherhood, pain, understanding and subsequently care. Care for us, your dear friends, like you would care for yourself.

Never more to see your pink shirt so close to me. And please do not touch your nose like that, I do start to think you rather nasty... and all your race as well. Displeasing female. Too many people at this club feel good, better than home right now. Coming right at me.

I stand in the middle of this polished bathroom of this unpolished club and I sing the song of freedom, the song of redemption. I am Bob Marley minus too many things.

New type of youth coming through. Never like old type of youth with things too old and wrinkled, old laws, old morals, wrinkled truth, wrinkled whatever.

Did you see them? Wearing all black with pointy shoes, walking by us like we’re no important people. I’d say those fucks were rather crazy. Not like us, the loving kind of youth, we love everything. We love AC/DC, we love Kurasava, we love strange-ass Nazis, we love you like Hitler loved Germany, friend.

Even me? With the shoes far too black, with the shirts far too dirty, who am I for you? No brother. No, brother. You be Germany.

Because it is not always when you're sitting down thinking to whine or not, thinking to think whether you are alone or not. It is not always when you are looking around to find someone thinking alike. It is also not always when you're pouring vodka to an old man who is eating raw chicken meat and drinking juice made from pears and apples from his garden. It is good.

Once again I will see my love and he will treat me not the way I expected. And again they will all be.

I expect you all not to understand me and to understand me. I am you because I want you to think like me, I am so you that I forget to think of myself. I forget to exist, I forget to think, I forget to live, I forget to wake up.

I would like to end this life, but I would like it only sometimes. Nothing is particularly definite for me, except that I know I will be calm if I am alone. Also if there are changes in my life.


Summer comes for Haik

Summer comes after Haik. Summer Haik. You're supposed to give it to your friend, and that means luck. Whatever. I don't need no academic knowledge. It is in the emptiness, that's where I will find myself. It takes a lot of determination. I consult my mother on ways to approach people. She tells me no way. She teaches me no way.

On my way to the pub I now feel happiness and doubt about this happiness. There is no true unleashing unless you are way out. But fuck that. I go into ordinary living conditions supplying myself with daily necessities such as food, clothes, and everyday thoughts.

Right there now where happiness still mixed with slight doubt is the final. I am Haik and I do this to get to where animals are. Hit.


I wake up this morning and make up a fight. The fight is about my doubt. Unfortunately, every move of anything gives me feeling of doubt. This face biting fingernails looks quite displeasing. There should be one specific philosophy. To make up my own fight now I sit in front of political activists and I think that they know the problems. Add to my doubt, please. I am not satisfied. Add some of your chilling shit. Add some chili, shit.

Add wakes up this morning and sees the Coca-Cola red piece of paper. It's ok. Red will cure your overjoyed character. Yes, it may all be about colors. They may rule. Red may be the king.

Red wakes up this morning and thinks that life is not very interesting.